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implants at
their best.

BEST Medical s.r.o. supplies a complete range of spinal implants
for the treatment of mild to severe spinal disorders.

Spinal treatment and spinal implants require the best in uncompromising care.
BEST Medical s.r.o. has built its reputation on the careful selection of suppliers and their products.

Not every supplier can produce the entire product line of implants in flawless quality.
We accept only the best and manage the registration, certification and thorough inspection of all products.
We then keep a complete range in stock and are ready to deliver it to the operating theatre at any time.

BEST Medical s.r.o. supplies
the best solution for every situation.

Our brands

Aesculap AG

A subsidiary of the German multinational healthcare group B. Braun and the world market leader in surgical and orthopaedic instruments and implants. Originating from Tuttlingen, Swabia, the original production of surgical instruments dates back to 1867.

B. Braun acquired a majority stake in the company in 1976 and since 1998 the company has been fully integrated into the Group as the Aesculap AG division.

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icotec ag

A small family-owned company founded in 1999 in Altstätten, Switzerland, specialising in the manufacture of non-metallic implants used for the treatment of spinal cancer. With twenty years of clinical success and more than fifty thousand implanted products, icotec is one of the pioneers in its field.
Among the company’s greatest achievements is the development of its patented BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK material, a polyetheretherketone composite reinforced with high-strength carbon fibers with a unique architecture that has excellent imaging properties for X-ray, CT and MRI.

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NovaBone Products

An American company originally from Alachua, Florida, founded in 2002, specializing in the development of biocompatible materials that accelerate the natural process of bone tissue regeneration and are widely used in dental and spinal surgery.
The bioactive glass manufactured by NovaBone has proven osteostimulating and osteoconductive properties and has been used in millions of successful clinical applications over the two decades of the company’s existence.

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French company based in Toulouse, founded in 1990, focusing on the production of fixation aids and instruments for the treatment of orthopaedic and spinal trauma and sports medicine. It is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of innovative biomaterials such as calcium phosphates, absorbable polymers, bone cements or textiles and the tools for their application. It runs its own independent production chain, which includes all processes from initial development to packaging of the finished implant.

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Tsunami Medical

Italian company located in the heart of the biomedical district of Mirandola near Modena, founded in 1995. It is currently one of the world’s leading experts in the field of spinal technology, specializing in 3D printing of complex implants, having produced more than 50,000 since its foundation.

In addition to surgical instruments, the company also focuses on the development of innovations, including advanced additive processes using selective laser fusion.

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ulrich medical

A family-owned business based in Ulm, Germany, founded in 1912, that has built an international reputation for producing innovative medical technology for the treatment of injuries and diseases of the spine.
Now applies over a century of accumulated experience in the development of state-of-the-art implants and other surgical solutions. As one of the few companies of its kind, it strictly keeps its development and production directly in Germany to maintain impecable quality.
In production, ulrich medical specialises primarily in two areas – titanium spinal implants, which are the work of its Spinal Systems division, and in the field of contrast media injectors for CT and MRI diagnostic imaging.

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Types of surgeries

Our team

Partner hospitals

Clinic of Spondylosurgery,
1st MF ChU in Prague and UH Motol

University Hospital Motol


Specialized spinal surgery unit independently operating within University Hospital Motol since 2002, performing around 1400 spinal surgeries annually. The sheer number and range of procedures performed rank it among the professional leaders of the field not only in the Czech Republic.
The department’s scope includes all types of spinal procedures from spinal fractures to degenerative diseases, oncological diseases, inflammatory diseases or congenital deformities.

Department of Neurosurgery
Na Homolce Hospital


The department, founded in 1990, performs over 2,000 surgical procedures and over 11,000 outpatient treatments annually.
In addition to the surgical treatment of brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve diseases, the department also deals with spinal neurosurgery, in which it is one of the leading facilities in the Czech Republic in terms of its spectrum and number of procedures (so called category A of spondylo-surgical departments).

Clinic of Neurosurgery and Neurooncology,
1st MF ChU in Prague

Military University Hospital Prague


Neurosurgery began to be practiced at the Military University Hospital in 1948 however the department became an independent clinic in 1959. Presently it boasts more than 70,000 operations performed. The clinic’s equipment is on a par with the world’s elite facilities.
In its programme, the clinic has been dealing with degenerative spinal diseases such as discopathy, spondylosis and spondylarthrosis, in addition to all spinal disorders.

Neuro & Trauma Centers
Liberec Regional Hospital


While the Neurocenter specializes in the most demanding neurosurgical procedures including complicated spinal surgeries, the Traumacenter mainly performs spinal trauma surgery. Both departments rely on complex diagnostic techniques and have the most advanced equipment to effectively treat a wide variety of trauma and degenerative, infectious or oncological spinal injuries and diseases.
Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, the Liberec Regional Hospital is one of the best comprehensive spinal care centres in the Czech Republic.

Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery Clinics
Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem


The Department of Neurosurgery at Masaryk Hospital was founded in 1968 as one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. At present, it is a superbly equipped clinic on par with leading European facilities. As part of the spinal programme, the first Bryan artificial cervical disc in Central and Eastern Europe was implanted here.
The Orthopaedic Clinic of the same hospital has long maintained an independent spondylosurgery programme specialising in the treatment of injuries, tumours and inflammation of the spine. In addition, the department also deals with dynamic systems and mobile intervertebral disc replacements.

Department of Spine Surgery
Karviná Miners Hospital


A highly specialised facility established in 2002 focusing on the complex issues of surgical treatment of spinal disorders. As one of only four departments in the Czech Republic it regularly performs surgery for paediatric scoliosis.
Its programme routinely includes surgeries for patients with degenerative diseases, spinal deformities or osteoporosis. Degenerative surgical procedures are mainly performed by this department in a relatively non-invasive way.

Neurosurgical Clinic
University Hospital Ostrava


The clinic, which is part of the largest state medical facility in North Moravia, has been operating since 1976. More than 1000 surgical procedures are performed here annually, of which one tenth deal with intervertebral disc prolapse.
The clinic was the first in the Moravian-Silesian region to perform minimally invasive surgeries using a special endoscope. Its programme also includes complex treatment of fractures, degenerative diseases, inflammation and spinal tumours.

Clinic of Orthopaedics and Traumatology


In addition to a complete range of treatment in the field of orthopaedics, this specialised clinic, which has been operating since 1985, provides a full spectrum of reconstructive surgeries, including spondylo-surgery. Since 1999 it has been one of the key units of the UHKV Trauma Centre along with the Clinic of General Surgery 3FM CU.

The Clinic of Orthopaedics and Traumatology performs conservative and operative treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and stabilisation procedures of the spine from posterior, anterior and combined approaches.